On a catwalk, Saint Laurent clothes represent nothing beyond an empty, soulless ode to avarice at its most base.

Paris fashion week is coming. Here’s a preview of what I’m thinking right now…

People get tied up in the idea of “commercial” clothing, and the precise interpretations of that. Pejoratively, it’s used to mean clothes rinsed of invention and experimentation. Clothes we’re familiar with – either from the designer showing them, or from other designers’ work. In actual fact, commercial fashion can (and should) be garments that are so beautiful, different and desirable, you’re simply compelled to buy them. No distractions needed.

The Rules of Distraction: London fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015, The Independent, 22 September 2014

Jack a six-foot girl up on eight-inch heels in a skirt about eighteen inches above her thigh, and the result is simple: the world is your gynaecologist.

Tom Ford review. Coming soon.