For spring/summer 2015 Versace has been exported across the Atlantic to give New York a much-needed boost, like a shot of Vitamin D right into the fleshy flanks.
Vitamin D is, of course, Donatella Versace – fashion’s Dr Feelgood. If the Versace label were a prescription drug, it would alleviate fatigue and probably a flagging libido.

The Independent, 9 September 2014

Many Victoria Beckham collections resemble a high-fashion supermarket sweep, scooping up references from different, not-too-distant collections and synthesising them into an almost-new whole. Last season I mentioned Beckham’s similarity to Celine. It was there again this time round, with a bit of Comme des Garçons, some Junya Watanabe, a huge dollop of Jil Sander. No one can quite blend it like Beckham - except, perhaps, Phoebe Philo herself, whose Celine collections are a similar amalgam, like a three-dimensional fashion tear sheet wrapped around her models’ skinny torsos.

Victoria Beckham and Altuzarra: elation, deflation and schadenfreude in New York, The Independent, 7 September 2014

Anonymous asked:

So did you like or not like Pugh? Or are you waiting to agree with the consensus

I didn’t see it (I only arrived in New York on Friday morning), and I still haven’t seen it, as images of the actual clothes seem few and far between. So it wouldn’t be fair to offer an opinion really.

Apparently it didn’t show the whole of the spring 2015 collection, so I do wonder what the point was, in all honesty. Hopefully we’ll see the rest of the clothes shortly so I can form an informed opinion.

Although frankly, if you think I would wait to agree with the consensus, I don’t really know why you bother asking me what I think.

There’s something quintessentially American about what Jason Wu does. Actually, that whole rags-to-riches (or rather, rags-to-rich-rags) story is very much the fashion equivalent of the American dream: a little boy who loved playing with dolls gets to dress the First Lady. And lots of other ladies, too - many of whom lunch. Boy meets girl, boy dresses her in a ball gown. Oldest story in the book.

Jason Wu spring.summer 2015 review, The Independent, 6 September 2014

I head to New York on Friday - by the end of the month in Paris, I will have seen about 120 labels’ presentations and around 6,000 individual outfits.
Daunting numbers. Here’s another: of all those, I estimate that only a dozen designers really count. Not in terms of shifting clothes - they all do that, with varying degrees of success. But when it comes to shifting fashion, the real game-changers are few and far between.
The rest frequently just add a few frills to old ideas and gussy them up as something new.

Wear, what, when, why, wear, The Independent, 1 September 2014